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Priorize a sua tranquilidade


Welcome to the Dojo: A Journey to Knowledge the east asian medicine!

At the heart of the Dojo, our passion is to share the richness and wisdom from the East Asian Traditional Medicine.

Here, we open the doors to techniques such as AcupunctureMateria Medica and the Massage, but we also focus on your everyday life, transforming knowledge into a lifestyle.

Through engaging posts on our blog, on social media, informative videos, thoughtfully crafted features, and insightful interviews.

Whether you're just starting out or are a Professional, join us and welcome to the Dojo – where knowledge becomes practice and East Asian Medicine merges with your everyday life.

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Dojo Project was created by the need to demonstrate East Asian Medicine 

Our main mission  is promote East Asian Medicine, both for the general public and Health Professionals 

On this site you can find coursespublications, newsletter and also testimonials

Join us on this journey of knowledge and discover the transformative potential of this ancient medicine


Dedicação. Expertise. Paixão.

Apresentamos a dedicada equipa do Dojo, unidos por um compromisso com a excelência na Medicina do Leste Asiático

Com vasta experiência e conhecimento especializado, cada membro contribui de maneira única para promover o bem-estar dos pacientes.

Saiba mais sobre estes profissionais notáveis

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