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East Asian medicine

East Asian Medicine is a traditional health system that has its roots in China and developed in countries such as Japan.

It is based on the interconnection between the body, emotions and spirit 

Incorporates practices that consider the body all interconnected, how Acupuncture and Massage  to Harmonize the Integral Healing Process


They are the meeting of the basic concepts that support East Asian Medicine 

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5 Elements
yin and yang
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 Ontology is a formal structure whose purpose to explain and organize the concepts of a given domain, as well as its basic principles and foundations

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Therapeutic practice involving the application of movements such as pressure, friction and stretching to muscles and tendons.

The main objective is to promote muscle relaxation and improve blood circulation.


With roots in many cultures around the world, massage can vary in techniques and styles.

Massagem terapêutica


Acupuncture is a therapeutic approach based on Traditional Chinese Medicine that aims to promote the regulation and balance of the body. 


Materia Medica

Compilation of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, animal and plant products used for their therapeutic qualities

It is important to emphasize that the safe and effective use of Materia Medica requires in-depth knowledge and experience to avoid risks and maximize therapeutic benefits.

Vela em formato de ananas
Materia Medica
bagas secas
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Phytotherapy is the study and use of plants for therapeutic purposes.

Involves the understanding of medicinal properties of each plant

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