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Luis, 41 years old

Q: Why did you turn to East Asian Medicine?
Luís: In 2011 I suffered a major car accident where I fractured several vertebrae  which caused chronic pain. I discovered Chinese Medicine through a family member
Q: How long?

Luís: Since 2020, and then I decided that Western Medicine no longer offered me great solutions for my recovery so I decided to try Chinese medicine and what is certain helped me a lot, I had a crisis with pain that I could hardly walk anymore and it was thanks to Chinese medicine, acupuncture and cupping etc. I started walking normally again

Q:The vertebrae you fractured were lumbar?

Luís: yes, it affected the central nervous system and all the joints, so they were affected.
I did an intensive treatment twice a week for about six months. 

To manage my personal hygiene, my life, right?
I couldn't put my shoes on, I couldn't do my hygiene, I was totally dependent, after the treatment the truth is that I started to do my normal life 
Without depending on other people even to put on my shoes, which was something I couldn't do anymore either.

Q: And nowadays can you do everything or do you still have some limitations?

Luís:I can do practically everything. Now I had a crisis because I stopped the treatments too, but I have a relatively normal life.

Q: Can you walk? Did you recover?

Luís: Yes yes
Q: Let's say it's a compilation of morphine, cortisone, anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxant with therapies that have helped the pain?

Luís: Yes yes. All a compilation so to speak. Because not only with the chemicals, even with the 14 pills the only solution was to increase the doses and so I opted for Chinese medicine so as not to have to increase the doses and eventually decrease
Q: Have you managed to reduce some?

Luís: In 2020 I managed to reduce it a lot, but not yet, but it is the second treatment


pordosol e uma chaleira


"I have been accompanied by Chinese medicine for nine years.
I sought post-op support for the treatment of 
bowel cancer.
It helped me a lot.”
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